Training sessions

The development of fieldwork training on climate change and migration issues is the central objective of the project. It will be carried out over the year 2021 through the implementation of two training sessions, each lasting 15 days, at a distance of six months, with an intermediate workshop in between. 

The first training session (Spring 2021) will be carried out by the Franco-Sudanese pedagogical team in the urban and peri-urban context (Greater Khartoum), by alternating ethnographic surveys (data collection) in sites relevant to the two targeted themes (environmental and migration issues) with moments of reflection and discussion on data processing and participatory research practices. An intermediary workshop will be organized in France with the coordinators and principal members of the team, to proceed with the self-evaluation of the first session in view of the programming of the second session and the restitution of the first results to the partner institutions in France.

The second training session (Autumn 2021) will be carried out by the same team following the same methodology in a rural context selected according to the relevance of the two targeted themes. In both sessions the audience will be constituted in a balanced way by university students (Master/PhD) and members of civil society associations. This section will provide information on the program and the activities carried out during the training sessions.

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