The CliMigra_Form project proposes the implementation of intensive sessions of training in fieldwork on two crucial themes of the current Sudanese context, and their interplay: the complex relationship between human groups and their environments in a context of accelerated climate change (THEME 1), and migration dynamics, at the regional and international level, in a context of increasing mobility flows of individuals and groups (THEME 2). Led by two university partners with more than ten years of collaborative experience, the project aims to broaden the scope of their joint activities in the domains of research and research-training to a non-academic audience, by developing a knowledge co-production approach that values the involvement of civil society actors.

The project is carried out over a two-year period (2020-2022) following three steps: (2020) an exploratory phase for the setting up of the French-Sudanese teaching team and the methodological preparation for the audience training; (2021) a structuration phase for the implementation of the two training sessions (one in urban context, in Spring, and one in rural context, in Autumn), and an Intermediate Workshop; (2022) a strengthening phase for spreading results, perpetuating the experience and valuing it within the two universities partnership, through a final conference and publications. Its ambition is to strengthen and sustain an innovative model of participatory, interdisciplinary and international action-research and pedagogy, capable of increasing the potential for responding to the ecological and socio-economic challenges of African countries parallel to the analysis of their issues at stake at a global level.

Sudan. Ahamda nomads collecting water in a traditional way from a well in the desert.

Academic partners. The bilateral project is based on a long-standing and fruitful institutional partnership between the University of Paris 8 and the University of Khartoum, represented by the two project leaders. Barbara Casciarri and Mohamed A.G. Bakhit. Since 2009, a scientific agreement for research and pedagogical collaboration has been signed between the University of Paris 8 and the University of Khartoum, both of which are also important centers of research training in and on Sudan. These two institutions regularly welcome Sudanese and French researchers, doctoral and master students, and have participated in several joint research projects (1 ANR-DFG, 2 ANR, one of which in the launching phase, 2 AUF-PCSI, 2 BQI Paris 8, 2 PHC NAPATA, to mention only the major programs), which have given rise to a rich activity of communication and publication with international influence.

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