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I am Associate Professor of Geography at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, UMR PRODIG 8586. I have been the coordinator of the CEDEJ (Centre d’Etudes et Documentation Economique et Juridique) in Khartoum between 2013 and 2016. My PhD thesis (Geography, University Paris 10 Nanterre) focused on urban agriculture in Greater Khartoum (Sudan) and was followed by a research of two different issues: urban landed dynamics and urban livestock production. Within the recent context of the Sudanese capital city’s urban development, land property conflict is one of the core topics of my research together with issues of socio-spatial and political reconfigurations after the independence of South Sudan, and after the fall of Omar al-Bashir, about which I co-edited three special issues (Égypte/Monde arabe 14, in 2016; Politique africaine 158, and Cahiers d’études africaines 240, in 2020)

I was involved in the organisation and coordination of the “French-Sudanese Autumn School (Master/PhD). Approaches and methods of social sciences fieldwork inquiry on inequalities » (Khartoum 24-31 October 2015), a project set up by CEDEJ-Khartoum in collaboration with the University Paris 8 and the University of Khartoum. Since 2016 I developed pedagogical activities related to migrations issues as a fellow at ICM (Institut Convergence Migration) and I supervised four Workshops on “Hosting Migrants in Paris”, in collaboration with Emmaüs Solidarité as part of the professional section of the Master 2 DynPed.

Within the teaching team of the CliMigra_Form project I will be responsible of coordinating the activities related to mapping tools, and I will also contribute as the president of the association SOS Sud Soudan, one of our non-academic partners.


Franck Alice & Vezzadini Elena (eds). 2016. “Sudan, ‘Five Years after the Independence of South Sudan”, special issue Egypte/Monde arabe, 14.

Franck Alice 2019. « Militer du dehors. Les ressorts du mouvement révolutionnaires chez les Soudanais de la diaspora : un entretien d’Alice Franck par Margaux Etienne » :

Franck Alice. 2020. « Trois décennies de politiques de logement populaire à Khartoum : entre violence, clientélisme et consensus social », Politique africaine 158, pp. 149-174.

Franck Alice, Chevrillon-Guibert Raphaëlle & Bach Jean-Nicolas. 2020. « Soudan la fin d’une domination autoritaire ? », dans Politique Africaine, special issue : « Soudan : jusqu’au bout du régime d’Al Ingaz », 158, 2020/2, pp. 5-31.

Casciarri Barbara, Franck Alice, Manfredi Stefano & Assal M.A. Munzoul. 2020. « Ethnicité, religion, nationalisme. Intersections et ambiguïtés dans un Soudan en mouvement », Cahiers d’études africaines, 240, 2020/4, special issue « Soudan : identités en tension », pp. 761-778.

Franck Alice, Casciarri Barbara & El-Hassan Idris S. (eds) (forthcoming 2021). In-Betweenness in Greater Khartoum: Spaces, Temporalities and Identities from Secession to Revolution, Oxford, Berghahn Books.

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