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I had a Ph.D. in African Studies at the University of Studies of Naples “L’Orientale” (Italy) in 2010, and I am a research fellow at SeDyL (CNRS ULR8202, INALCO, IRD UR135).

My researches aims to explain the relationship between different sociohistorical dynamics of language contact and their outputs in terms of linguistic change. I am interested in particular in Arabic-based pidgins and creoles, Arabic dialects and Nilo-Saharan languages spoken in the Sudanese region. Inspired by an interdisciplinary approach, his research also takes into account local language policies and the role of language in the identity construction in Sudan (Nuba Mountains and Khartoum) and South Sudan (Juba).

I am also interested in the development of Digital Humanities in the context of language sciences and, more particularly, in the constitution of oral corpora and linguistic databases. I regularly organize the seminar “Plurilingualism: linguistic effects, social issues” (INALCO, Paris 3).

Within the teaching team of the CliMigraForm project, I will be focusing on the sociolinguistic dimension (language practices) of migrations in the Sudanese context.


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Manfredi Stefano. 2017a. « The construction of linguistic borders and the rise of national identity in South Sudan: some insights into Juba Arabic », in Reem Bassiouney (ed), Identity and Dialect Performance. A Study of Communities and Dialects, London – New York, Routledge, pp. 71-85.

Manfredi Stefano. 2017b. Arabi Juba : un pidgin-créole du Soudan du Sud, Leuven-la-Neuve, Peeters.

Manfredi Stefano & Tosco Mauro (eds). 2018. Arabic in Contact. Amsterdam – Philadelphia, John Benjamins.

Manfredi Stefano & Instambullu Suat. 2019. « A multilayered and data-driven method for exploring Arabic in multilingual settings », in Werner Arnold & Maciej Klimiuk (eds), Arabic Dialectology: Methodology and Field Research, Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, pp. 129 – 149.

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